Where To Start…

So often when businesses are looking for help, the first question I ask is “what do you need help with?” or “where do you want to start?”

But what happens if you don’t know the answer to that question? What if you don’t know where to start? I have had meetings and often heard well “what do you think?”. And honestly, my response is usually, “that depends on what your goals are.”

You see, depending on the stage of business you are in or what industry your business is in can make a big difference on where you start.

  • Are you an established business but need help with social media?
  • Or maybe you don’t know what type of social media would work best for your business?
  • Are you a new business and you have a logo but not sure where else to go?
  • Do you know what your brand is supposed to say?
  • Do you have a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account but don’t have time to post consistently?
  • Is your business growing and you need help managing your digital presence?
  • Do you want to build an email marketing program?
  • Or maybe you have your digital presence taken care of but you need help with administrative tasks?

There are so many different questions that can be answered to help you get on the right track. But I would suggest if you’re thinking about getting help with your to-do list, that we set up a quick meeting. A meeting that should take no longer than 30 minutes of your time. We can talk about your goals, who your target audience is. But most importantly we can figure out where you should start. We can set up a plan of where to start and how to move forward (with your instruction of course) to keep your business successful and recognized in the market.


image: Free vector art via www.Vecteezy.com