When you think of brand identity, what do you think of? Their logo? Maybe a slogan? Or the brand’s name itself?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions .. then you’re right!

Think of the most well known brands like Nike, Facebook, Twitter, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Apple, etc. You can see the logo and know what brand it stands for. Maybe the slogan that has been thrown around for years.

So why can’t your business have the same thing? Does your logo represent your brand? Do people know your business because of the logo or slogan?

And when I say does it represent your brand, do the colors, fonts, or design compliment your brand’s identity? Or do you even have a logo for your business? If not, why?

The great thing about a logo is it represents whatever you want it to. After you have the logo and slogan, then everything else about your business fits under that.

If you’re a new business, or maybe an established business with aspirations of rebranding, call Simple Assistance & Marketing. We can work together to creatively make a logo that can work for several parts of your business.

Let me know what your business does, maybe some colors you like or feel like represents you, and some examples of logos you like. Then we can create a unique solution for your business.