Simply Assisting You!

Over a 10+ year career, Ashley Munge has worked in web/graphic design, social media and also cable advertising. While diverse, she learned a lot of working in a professional environment and continued to grow her knowledge of all things web, graphics, social media, and marketing/advertising. It is with this time in her career that she have realized the importance of all of these things to a business. Especially local businesses. It allows small, locally businesses to compete with the big name box stores and keep their name in the marketplace. Even with a small budget someone can make a big impact in the market. However many business owners or their staff do not have the time to dedicate to these things. That is where Simple Assistance & Marketing comes in. Ashley wants to help small, locally owned businesses reach their marketing goals. That could be internal communications like brochures, flyers, powerpoint presentations, or external communications like website updates, social media and email marketing management, or simple graphic work such as logo design. Reach out today and to create a plan that we can work on together to keep your name in the market and help streamline your communications.