International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day. Which as a female entrepreneur, is amazing in itself. But honestly, it’s just an amazing day to celebrate women and everything we have and will accomplish in our lifetime.

There are so many famous women who I could contribute to the inspiration to become a business owner, however I want to celebrate the women close to me.

  1. My mother – She taught me the importance of being a strong and independent woman. But most importantly is my mentor when it comes to business. I look to her for advice, she encouraged me to start my own business, sends me emails on where to look to grow my business, and also uses some of my services when needed. She builds up the women around her, whether it’s an “it’s cute” when taking a picture, or supporting your ideas to make yourself better. And most importantly she has taught me my love of music! Especially rock music. But she always surprises me with the mix CDs she puts together for me.
  2. My sister – My sister and I have never had the traditional sister relationship. We rarely fought growing up, mostly because our personalities meshed in a way that we never felt the need to. But also because of the 5 year age gap between us. But she is probably one of the most inspirational women I know. She handles the busiest of schedules without batting an eye. Starting her own art foundry with her fiance, working as a museum curator at ICC, and running our family’s tshirt shop during the week. She sometimes still finds time to spend time with her niece (my daughter) and check in with her friends and family to build those relationships as well. She amazes me every day and I am so incredibly proud to be her sister.
  3. My best friends – My two closest friends (both in relationship and in distance) have been through the ringer with what life has thrown at them. But yet they still have a smile on their faces, we Snapchat each other daily to check in, complain, or just send silly videos/pictures to each other. They have pulled me up at my lowest points in life and I try to do the same thing for them.
  4. My mother-in-law & sisters-in-law – They accepted me into their family quicker than I could have even imagined. They treat me like the sister or daughter they always wanted. And my niece, oh man that kid is something else. But I am so thankful to have them in my life.
  5. Lastly, my grandmother (my mom’s mom) – She is the epitome of strong woman in my eyes. In her 70s and still travels, rocks out at concerts, and probably more social than I am! Just like my mom, she is always right there to support everyone in her family. She is where I learned my stubborn and independent side. Why ask for help when you can do it yourself?

These women are an inspiration to not only me, but also my daughter. I love that she gets to see what a strong, sassy, but yet fun personality can get you in life. Work hard and you can have the world in your hands.