A Virtual Assistant Does More Than You Think

One of the first questions I’m asked when I say I’m a virtual assistant is “what is that?”.
And while I love talking about what I do, if anyone is interested in becoming a virtual assistant know this … it can be anything you want it to be!

I created this business because my skillset is all over the place. I have spent my career learning. Learning everything I can from every job I have held. Why? Because I love to learn and I firmly believe you don’t stop learning just because you’re not in school.

Many times I am asked, do you answer calls or emails for people? I can, but that’s not the bulk of what my work is each day.

Most of what I do is digital marketing, social media posting or email marketing for businesses. These are things that businesses sometimes struggle with because you have to have the time to get it done. Every time a business owner goes to a conference, or networking meeting, they are often met with the topic of needing to have a social media presence. And unfortunately, for most business owners, there is more to it than posting a few posts at a time. It’s great that you are getting out there, but Facebook has created algorithms that need to be cracked. And it’s not always easy to do!

That’s where I often come in and am able to help! I work with the business owner to say, your content is good, but we can make it better. We need to post more often, or at different times of the day, or more consistently. All of these things and more go into this algorithm.

What my customers love about working with my business, is that I am a one stop shop for most of their marketing and branding needs.

Need Facebook or Instagram help? I can do that!

Send an email through Constant Contact or MailChimp? Me too!

Update the completely confusing website that another person put together? Gotcha covered!

Have a document that you need cleaned up so it’s easier to read or for your employees to work with? I can do that too!

Have a presentation next week and need a powerpoint built? Send it to me!

To put it simply, being a virtual assistant is a very broad title for a combination of things that a person can do for a business. Training is great, and I am always looking at new articles and virtual trainings to help me become a better partner for my clients. But if you are considering becoming a virtual assistant, don’t feel like you need to complete hours of training unless you truly do not have the skillset to complete those tasks yet.

And if you are a business who needs extra help with marketing or administrative aspects of your business? Contact me to learn more about all the different ways I could help your business succeed!