Video Rules!

If you’ve spent any length of time on Instagram lately, you’ll notice a lot more videos than even just a few months ago. As the algorithm changes, yet again, Instagram is giving more priority to videos. Specifically Reels.

Instagram Reels are fun for a lot of content creators, but they are also time consuming. Especially when Instagram tells it’s creators to post video every day. Frustrating, right?

It’s like just when you get the hang of posting on a social media platform, they change it. Then they change it again to fit what they want you to do.

Some people enjoy to dance or talk into the camera for their videos, others aren’t comfortable with that. But you can make Reels with minimal editing and have a good time promoting your business.

What are some ways you can make videos work for you?

  1. Try trending audio
  2. Choose several photos to transition through
  3. Make simple videos of your every day tasks
  4. Have fun with it!

When you are going through your everyday tasks for your business, take a moment and think “should I make a quick video?”. The videos do not have to be a half hour or even 10 minutes in length. Simple, less than 1 minute videos showing something important to your business or industry can make an impact. Make it easy, fun, and most importantly, shareable! Your audience should want to come back to it or share it to their own stories with their friends/followers. That will not only help the algorithm work for you, but it will expand your reach to people who may not be following you on Instagram.

Now get out there and make some videos!