Things You Hate Doing…

Let’s talk about things you absolutely hate doing! For a long time, when it came to household chores, I would say laundry is the absolute worst! When I would tell my mom this, she told me that she found it relaxing. Often, when she was mad or upset or just needed to get away from a situation she would work on laundry in the basement. I never understood, I hate doing laundry. I would much rather clean the bathroom. Or better yet, pay someone to do it! But I would feel weird some stranger handling my underwear.

I hate the waiting for the load to be done. Then the worst part is putting it all away. And with a 1 year old running around, it’s even harder to do. She would rather try to put it on her head.

But a few days ago, I was sorting through laundry and mad at my husband about something silly. Then I realized what my mom meant. It is relaxing and gave me a few minutes of peace and quiet. Something that is definitely hard to come by these days.

What does this have to do with helping businesses?

Well more often than not, when talking to a potential or current client, they tell me the thing they need help with most is something they hate to do. Or maybe they don’t have time to do. They hate having to come up with content for social media or email marketing. Or they don’t mind the content part but hate the needing to put those ideas to work. They would rather work on something else in their business.

Everyone has that thing they just hate doing, and well I’m that person that loves it! I find putting a brand’s message together for social media or email marketing, fun and sometimes even relaxing. Just like how my mom and I differed on laundry for so long.