Pushing Myself Forward

Today, I did something I am always terrified to do, I went to an event where I did not know a single soul. Scary? Yes! What if I made a fool of myself, said something stupid, or worse. But I was more terrified of what if I didn’t go?

I have always identified myself as an introvert. I prefer to do things at home (maybe that’s part of why I started this business?), or with a small group of people. And even then, if I did a lot in one day or a couple days, I would hide in my home and binge Law & Order SVU or Parks & Rec or something else where I could just think about everything I said to all the people I talked to.

Going somewhere that I didn’t know anyone gave me deep anxiety. Who would I talk to? Would anyone be interested in what I have to say? But then I started thinking about this business, what I want for it. And if I stayed home this Saturday morning, I would regret it. I wouldn’t be pushing my business forward by trying to create new relationships with other female entrepreneurs in this area.

And boy am I so glad that I went! I met a whole bunch of new women, and got to know them but also tell my story. Those women inspire me but also let me know there is a need for my business! Everyone hates the minute details of running a business. Creating social media content, building email marketing lists or campaigns, organizing the day to day data entry, administrative work, keeping track of inventory, auditing sales with their inventory.

The best part about today? I got to meet other momtrepreneurs who are going through similar things I am. While we may not have the answers for each other, it’s nice to know you’re not alone in this business and mom world.

Hopefully, one day, I will be able to foster those connections I made today to create great business relationships. Then hopefully I’ll be able to build my brand even more. But for now I will relish in the idea that I did something out of the box for myself, my business. And for me, that is a huge step in the right direction to push myself forward!

Look at this great group of ambitious and amazing women!