Grateful And Thankful

This week on Facebook and Instagram, I have been posting about the things I am most thankful for.


But the biggest and most important thing I am thankful for is my family. I would not be able to own this business without their support. Owning a business has many highs and lows, and they are right there with me to celebrate or lift me up when I’m having a rough time. It’s not just my little family of my husband and daughter, but other family like my mom, sister, aunts, grandma, cousins, and my in-laws.

I come from a very close-nit family where we enjoy spending time together. The women get together for lunch, shopping, a movie, etc. whenever we get a chance. And we love to just sit around and laugh and catch-up. My husband’s family is small and we try to see each other as much as possible. The biggest thing that brings all of us together is sports though. Especially right now with Bradley Basketball season in full swing.

That’s why I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving. Taking a step away from the computer, put the phone down, and enjoy the company of my family and some absolutely delicious food! Especially the dish I look forward to every year … my grandma’s chicken and noodles. And continue to be thankful of everything I have been given over the years.

  1. Answers to my health issues after years of feeling hopeless.
  2. The blessing of a little girl in the wake of finding those answers.
  3. Feeling lucky to have a safe home and environment to which I can work and raise my little girl.
  4. My wonderful clients who keep me going and pushing to better myself and my business.
  5. And lastly, as stated in this post, my amazing and supportive family.

What are you most thankful for?