Braves Win! Social Media Celebration!

Over the weekend, while my daughter and I napped, my husband was watching the Atlanta Braves baseball game. It was the game that ended up allowing them to clinch the National League East Division Title. The first time in 5 years! He woke me up to catch the final 3 outs so that I could celebrate. And even though I had been tired, knew I would want to watch not only those last outs but also to see the guys celebrate after. The problem we ran into? Because we are in the Midwest, and the game was on Fox, we could only watch the game on my husband’s phone. Which meant we had to search social media for the post game coverage/celebration.

Social media is such a powerful tool. I use it on a daily basis to share photos of my daughter with family and friends on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. And check Facebook regularly for updates on local news or what my friends are up to. So it was great that even though we are in the Midwest and our baseball team is in the South, we were able to find post game coverage and celebrations. What was tough was that they promised to go live on Instagram, my husband rarely uses Instagram and was lost in trying to find it. I, however, follow a few of the players and the team so I could see everything posted to the story. And showing my husband the videos and pictures that were posted.

This taught me something about social media. Even the most savvy tech person can have trouble with social media. Navigating the ins and outs of how to post to a feed, stories, go live, etc. What does it all mean? Do you even have time to try to learn it? If only you could hire someone to handle all of this for you and your business. See where I’m going with this? 🙂

The point is that businesses need to be on multiple types of social media to reach all the different audiences. My husband prefers Twitter, I prefer Instagram and Facebook. I’m still learning Snapchat but I am an expert at making faces at the camera, the filters, and sending the images to friends and family. If a business wanted to advertise home improvement ideas to us, they would have to catch us on multiple platforms. What if you have no idea how to use one of these platforms? Or you don’t have time to go to each individual platform to post something? Often times the different social medias can talk or link to each other, or you can use a platform like Hootsuite to help you. But if it is just getting the time in your day to be consistent, that’s where reaching out to someone to help you is probably the best course of action.

Start thinking about your social media strategy, if you don’t have one. Maybe it is time to start one. During my time scrolling through videos and images, I caught several ads and other images from businesses and friends and family while looking for my post game celebration coverage. I would love to say your business was one of them. Maybe next time!