Attending WordCamp Peoria 2018

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of being able to attend the 2nd annual WordCamp Peoria 2018. While I did not stay the whole time, the sessions I was able to sit through gave me a lot of great ideas for working on a website/business for not only myself but also for clients.

I got ideas for plugins to use with my WordPress website to make it work exactly like I want it to, as well as ROI does not have to mean $$ in your pocket. Though of course that is always the goal, it can also mean that you are gaining something for your business or even for yourself. I saw a different way of thinking when it comes to Google Analytics. Page views are cool but man I want to make sure my visits and unique visitors are even better. (Yes there is a big difference between visits and page views) I learned about marketing automation, Adobe Spark, and how a guy created barcodes for Caterpillar. But most of all, I got to network with some very creative and interesting people. I don’t want to let any of this new and great knowledge go to waste. I want to make sure I’m executing it now! Which means looking over my notes, adjusting my website, and working on building this business to be everything I want it to be.

My biggest inspiration in all of this? My daughter. For the past 9 months, I have been able to watch my daughter grow up and show me she can learn anything she puts her mind to. Her determination, strong will, and most of all her smile, reminds me that I can do anything I put my mind to. She does it every day when she crawls just a little bit faster, tries to cruise around the coffee table, fight me so she can feed herself, and most of all dance to the beat of her own drum.